Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Earlier this evening, 2 friends and I decided to watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. I wasn't too keen on the movie but I thought yeah, why not. I thought I would be a little bored, I mean how can information on global warming be all that interesting! Well, I ended up enjoying the show - and of course, the popcorn - yummy!
I think the facts are clear that due to increased population and the stress we have inflicted on the environment, global warming is worsening. There were many evidences mentioned in the movie, of particular, the changing weather the world is facing - extreme heat, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and the melting of the Artic and Antartic.
Yes, I personally experienced the extremely hot summer of 2005 in Europe - many folks died in France, UK and Netherlands, they were just not prepared for the heat. In my visit to NZ last year, the weather was really odd as well - in fact here at home, we are seeing thunderstorms so bad unlike before. So, yeah, I'm convinced.
It is mentioned that as the ice melts, this could mean a 20 feet rise in overall sea levels - it will flood many places near the coasts. Many cities which are densely populated such as Shanghai, Beijing, New York, etc will be affected and this could cause many to be homeless, not to mention the damage such floods would bring.
I reckon everyone needs to see this movie to learn what the effects of global warming and how to be responsible to protect the world we live in. A quote at the end of the movie sums it all, "If we believe, then we have to move our feet". No sitting on the fence, no waiting nor denying our ability to make a difference.
For more information, visit www.climatecrisis.net

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