Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another passing in the family

Early Sunday morning 10 June 2007, my uncle passed away - his heart simply stopped. I have not seen him for a year, it's sad because of all the uncles I have, I would say he's the closest one to my siblings and me. We affectionately call him "Daddy" together with his kids. The name stuck till now, and in our memory he will always be "Daddy".

I watched an episode of Oprah recently on Elizabeth Edwards and how she explained she didn't want her son ( who died in a car accident at 16) to be forgotten. It was important to her that his 16 years on earth be remembered. I think that is so true - our lives should never be unimportant to those around us, and the message of each life should live on even when we are no longer around.

My "Daddy" somehow has meant something to me, and to my siblings. My sister has a beautiful memory of him taking her out to pick fruits, making her feel she was important and special. I will always remember his laugh and his even-tempered personality. Days of running around in the field in front of his house, despite cobras having nests nearby, kite flying and picnics at the beaches and waterfall.

Yes, his memory will live on in my heart and I will not let the fact that he lived be forgotten. I will speak of him and will tell about his life to people who cross my path. My brother told me they sang his favourite hymn at the funeral service - What a Friend we have in Jesus. I think how appropriate, because as God has been our "Friend", we live to be a friend to touch another's life.

Thank you, God, for my uncle's life!

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