Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Christmas Markets Experience

It's been a really busy week last week at work and I didn't have any time to make cards.  Over the weekend, I was glued to the tv watching news of the earthquake in Christchurch.  It was a miracle no one was killed - a real reason to thank God.  We have some friends there and we heard many amazing stories.  

Since, I don't have any cards to share, I thought it's about time to post some travel pics from last year.  Some of you know that I worked several years in Amsterdam and I love Europe, but I have never been to a Christmas market before.  So last year, taking advantage of some cheap fares, some friends & I bought tickets to London.  We weren't sure where to go and in the end, we decided on Prague.  After Prague we split ways, and I went on to Nuremberg and Munich.  In total, I visited something like 7 Christmas Markets!  Here are some of the pictures I took..

Beautiful tree in main square, Prague

Christmas decorations at Nuremberg Market

Kids' Performance

Cinnamon rolls in Prague

Yummy treats in Munich

My absolute favourite snack at the Christmas Market - Potato fritters & apple sauce

Lebkuchen - so beautifully made!

I hope you enjoy the photos - not really great ones, as I used my little point & shoot camera for these shots.

I won't have much time for stamping the next few weeks as I am shipping all my craft items home soon.  In 3 weeks, I'll be back home - time really flies, doesn't it?  Have a great day!!


Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Kary,

Wow! You've done some traveling!! Wonderful! Just read you also lived in Amsterdam! How nice, did you like it there? I live about 40 minutes driving to the east of Amsterdam, in the city of Amersfoort. Do you know it?
Very nice, warm, and delicious pics!!

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