Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Hiding Place - Haarlem, Netherlands

Continuing with my collection of travel layouts, here is a historic house in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. Corrie ten Boom was a daughter of a watchmaker. The ten Booms lived in the house above their shop. It was a 3 storey house, and during the 2nd world war, the family helped to hide many Jews and other folks who needed a shelter from the Nazis. The visit to "The Hiding Place" was history coming alive! Over the years, I have read many of Corrie's books and often wondered about the town where she lived. My brother and I stumbled upon the house one day when we stopped by Haarlem. Took another 2 visits there before I could actually tour inside the house. Do visit if you go to Amsterdam, it is worth the trouble aside from the much publicised Anne Frank's house.


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